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Rawabi Marketing International’s (RMI) operations achieved a significant growth over the past 4 years due to overall increase in several chemical Items demand in the region’s markets, expanding its operational regions and distribution network to cover more countries in North Africa and far east, increasing its market share in KSA, GCC countries and Levant countries, the huge investments made in its Infrastructure of warehouses and chemical-delivery transportation fleet and strengthen the partnership with several well known worldwide chemicals suppliers and manufacturers such as SAUDI ARAMCO, SABIC, DOW, SASOL, FMC, ASHLAND, AKZONOBEL, NCSP, SUGEST, SIPCHEM, GROWEL, etc… which increased the variety of the offered range of products with maintaining the promised quality by RMI.

In addition to the above, the introduction of the new business segments over those years such as water treatment, lubricants & lubricants additives, oil field & process chemicals, casting chemicals, etc… in addition to the commodity chemicals and metal surface treatment chemicals facilitated RMI efforts to reach and serve new customer segments achieving more than 3,000 customer been served and more than 2,000 different chemicals items been sold till 2013 and this remarkable achievement was in accordance with RMI’s strategic objectives.

Sales figures (in million SR) for the past 4 years shows sustainable sales growth in 2012 & 2013 aiming to increase this percentage to 10% in 2014; 381 (million SR) in 2010, 464 (million SR) in 2011, 484 (million SR) in 2012 and reaching more than half billion Saudi Riyals “510” (million SR) in 2013.


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