Al Kout Industrial Projects Co. Al Kout Industrial Projects Company (AIP), formerly known as Ahlia Industrial Projects Company, was established in 1993 to carry out industrial investments in the State of Kuwait. The first was the Chlor-Alkali operation following the purchase of the former PIC Salt and Chlorine plant in July 2000, thus being the first privatized industrial company in Kuwait. Since acquiring the plant, production capacity has been more than doubled and the plant critical systems completely modernized. In 2002, AIP became a closed shareholding company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. AIP provides free training and unrivalled technical assistance to all its major customers around the Middle East. The company’s main objective is to ensure that all its products not only arrive safe, but that they are carefully handled and fully satisfy the customer’s needs after they have been delivered. In 2006, Al Kout commissioned the Champion oilfield chemical blending plant (water and solvent based) to produce a range of oilfield products to meet the requirements of the oil sector under the company name Al Kout Petrochemical Products Company (APPC).