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About Us

German Metal Surface Treatment Company “SUGEST” was established in 2003 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the specialty chemicals’ manufacturing & marketing arm of Al Areefi Group of Companies.

In collaboration with German Technology, their first venture was the Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals’ production plant located in the 3rd industrial area, Riyadh, KSA.

Today, SUGEST has grown to be one of the leading companies in manufacturing and marketing Metal Surface Treatment Chemical products in the region with more than 135 items falling under the following main categories:












In 2009, SUGEST established an exclusive Oil Field Chemicals manufacturing and blending production plant in Dammam, KSA. The establishing of such production plant in the Eastern Region intended to cater Saudi ARAMCO’s oil field requirements with an express service. This production plant produces chemicals related to the oil field applications in collaboration with Oil Chem. Technologies, Gujarat Chemicals and DOW.

In 2012, SUGEST commissioned three new production plants in the central province, KSA in order to produce Detergents and Disinfectants; covering huge range of home and personnel care products and intermediate detergents and disinfectants products, in addition to Paints products and Plastic Packaging products.

Recently, SUGEST implemented different pilot plants as an integral part of SUGEST’s manufacturing facilities to provide tailor made solutions to SUGEST’s customers in several different specialty chemicals’ segments such as; Refineries & Process Chemicals, Lubricants, Lubricants Additives and Water Treatment Chemicals in collaboration with Dorf Ketal Chemicals, Grauer & Weil India, Oil Chem. Technologies, DOW and Ashland.

SUGEST identified at earlier stage that Research & Development is a corner stone for its success. Currently, we have a very sophisticated laboratories distributed among the three main provinces of KSA representing the hub of our products’ invention, development and formulation, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and most advanced related lab machines, equipments and tools managed by a world of proven talent whom are top qualified personnel delivering breakthrough innovative tailor-made solutions.  

SUGEST is a subsidiary company of the National Company for Sulphur Products (NCSP) with 85% ownership, NCSP currently provides maintenance, safety and security services and support to SUGEST based on a pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).


To be the leading Specialty Chemicals supplier in Saudi Arabia and the region in different several business segments by providing quality products, superb technical service and support, excellence in practices and values with lowering environmental impact in a sustainable way and to enhance economic competitiveness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


To provide its unique clients with the highest quality and distinctive products and technical service and support in all sectors in order to meet and even exceed their expectations. To help customers improving their operating performance and productivity whilst saving and lowering environmental impact. Innovation, to be key characteristic of our products and technical service and support offering. Commitment to attract and retain dedicated and skilled people and offering employees an attractive, global work environment.

Core Values

Customer Focus - We concentrate our efforts towards a better and long term relation with our clients. Quality - Our products and tailor-made solutions meet or exceed the unique requirements of the client. Excellence - We strive to ensure excellent technical service and support in all what we do and we do it with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Innovative - Being innovative to create sustainable value. Leadership & Commitment - We are dedicated to high performance, achieve to the best of our market, outrun our own expertise and have passion to pursue our goals. Teamwork - We value collaboration and team contribution, encourage creativity, initiatives and new solutions and align to the utmost result exceeding success. Safety - We act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Value Chain

Our engineered value chain helps our company to gain competitive advantages by identifying what activities do and do not increase the value offered to our precious customers. All of our organization’s functions play a role in increasing the perceived value of our products and technical service and support offered to customers and at the same time lowering the a combined cost structure through differentiation. This involves functions from research & development, production/manufacturing, through sales & marketing and on to logistics and customer service and support, including the activities that play supporting roles such as material management & planning, information technology, human resources, legal, administration and finance and accounting. Our company's value chain describes the chain of activities for transforming inputs into the outputs that customers value.

Performance Indicators

German Metal Surface Treatment Company’s (SUGEST) operations achieved a significant growth over the past 4 years due to overall increase in demand on our products in the region’s markets, expanding our operational regions and distribution network to cover more countries in North Africa and far east, increasing our market share in KSA, GCC countries and Levant countries, the huge investments made in our Research & Development Centers which distributed among KSA and strengthen the partnership with several well known worldwide specialty chemicals suppliers and manufacturers such as Oil Chem. Technologies, Gujarat Chemicals, DOW, Dorf Ketal Chemicals, Grauer & Weil India and Ashland.

In addition to the above, the introduction of the new business segments over those years such as Oil Field & Process Chemicals, Lubricants and Lubricants Additives, Water Treatment Chemicals, Surfactants, Detergents & Disinfectants, Paints, in addition to the Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals facilitated SUGEST’s efforts to reach and serve more new customers in several regions, meet and exceed customers requirements and expectations and achieve remarkable sales growth figures.

Sals figures for the past 4 years shows astonishing sales growth with 23%; 2010 – 2011, 62.5%; 2011 – 2012 and 80.8%; 2012 – 2013, aiming to maintain such incredible sales growth percentages in 2014.